Training Courses

If you need it, we have it. If you don’t find a course of your liking below, tell us what you need and we will see what we can do!

If you need tailored ground or flight instruction, for example to get back in the saddle or in order to fly a new type of aircraft, just contact us and we’ll arrange it. We have several experienced instructors available at almost any time you’d need.

If you are just looking to get familiar with new aircraft types or learn how to operate from Helsinki-Malmi or in Finland in general, we can give you a personalised quote according to your needs. And of course, if you just need to get an aircraft for your leisure or work trips, we can get you checked out on one that you can then rent on an hourly basis.

We give variant difference training such as retractable gear, glass cockpit or diesel engine and for different aircraft types: Diamond, Cirrus, Piper, FFA Bravo, Cessna, Beechcraft and more. If you need it, we have an instructor for you.

And there’s more brewing, so check back soon!

NF(A) – Night Flying Rating

Night flying is usually the next thing on a pilot’s wish list after the basic private pilot licence (PPL). You’ll need to undergo a short theoretical training and a minimum of five hours of practical flight training. No flight skill test is needed; only the course is required. The NF(A) rating never expires. (Read more…)

Military Conversions

Want to obtain a full JAR-FCL/EASA PPL(A) licence based on your military training? Aeropole has the required school certification to provide you with the necessary supplemental training as well as ex-military pilots as instructors, capable of giving you exactly the package you need.

The required 1-day theory course costs 250 EUR (incl. VAT 24%) and is arranged on demand for any group of minimum 3 persons. Practical flight training part costs 1960 EUR (incl VAT 24%) in the typical case of 5 hours flight time. Contact us now to arrange yours!

See a more complete description in Finnish.

Garmin G1000

Glass Cockpit Transition

We are specialists in EFIS and Garmin G1000 training. The training is adapted to each customer’s individual needs and usually comprises the ground and flight components. The overall duration varies between a few hours and a couple of days  and involves 1-5 hours on the aircraft depending on your previous experience and the level of proficiency you seek.
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Revalidations and Renewals

Has your piston rating expired? Has your license been gathering dust in the drawer or are you tired of flying the line on autopilot and want to fly piston again? Or do you just need your annual instrument check? If your rating has expired or needs revalidation, we will arrange the plane, examiner and any refresher training you might need to confidently fly your check ride.  (Read more…)

Real world IFR

IFR Refresher

Do you feel you need some recent IFR practice? Or are you a new IR holder or have not flown much in real clouds or IMC? Get that necessary experience in a safe learning environment! Single-pilot IFR in actual IMC on a low-performance aircraft is one of the hardest endeavors a pilot engages in—just ask professional pilots who are used to flying approaches as a crew and with full deicing equipment.

Perplexed by the new RNAV approaches? According to the new EASA rules, you’ll need an instructor’s endorsement to fly RNAV/GNSS approaches. The practical training entails at minimum flying two such approaches with one missed approach.

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SEP Revalidations (Extensions)

Is your single-engine piston rating expiring?

Check the expiry date next to your single-engine piston (SEP, SE piston) class rating. If you have the required 11 h of flight logged over the 12 months prior to your rating expiring, then extending it by another 24 months (ie. revalidating it) is a simple matter of flying a one-hour school flight with our instructor. (This can be done up to 12 months prior to the expiry date as soon as you have the required 11 h.) (Read more…)


Aircraft Familiarisation Training

If you want to learn more about how to operate an aircraft type or variant or need differences training to operate different aircraft equipment, we can tailor training to suit your needs.
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ATPL Theory Brush-Ups

Note: this is not a full, approved ATPL theory course, but a brush-up course for those wanting to pass the ATPL exams (or CPL or IR exams) after already having received the training or having read the course materials to a level where they just need “a little bit of extra push”. I.e. this course offering “à la carte” is for you, who (Read more…)