Aeropole Executive

Do you want to buy your own aircraft but are not really sure of how to handle it all?

Aeropole can help you to

  • get (and get to know) what you want/need
  • secure your investment
  • keep your aircraft maximally ready for your next flight
  • make your capital investment yield returns when you are not using your aircraft yourself

We provide a full-service turnkey solution

  • aircraft selection
  • shortlisting (for pre-owned aircraft)
  • pre- and post purchase inspections
  • purchase, import and registration to your choice of register
  • insurance arrangements
  • maintenance arrangements and contracts
  • continuous airworthiness management and maintenance planning
  • care-taking, including hangarage, cleaning, fuelling etc.
  • initial and recurrent type (differences) training for you or your pilots

Aeropole makes turnkey aircraft deliveries tailored to your needs à la carte. With years of experience, with the technical and business know-how and having performed several such undertakings in the past Aeropole is your trusted partner in piston aircraft acquisitions and management.

Choose from the following what you’d need assistance with or would like Aeropole to take care of for you! Ask for a quote now: your price will be tailored to your needs. Certain services are priced as a package, and otherwise we bill by actual (and effective) working hours.

Aeropole Executive Service


This section is applicable when a Limited Liability company is set as the plane’s owner, client(s) owning its shares. (We recommend it for reasons relating to manageability, taxes, and liabilities for any investment in excess of 50’000 EUR, especially if there are multiple owners involved.) Over the years we have set up several companies in different countries and there is hardly a case that wouldn’t in some respects be similar with one of our earlier assignments.

  1. Initial limited company setup and registration (with shareholders’ agreement if multiple owners).
  2. Recurrent statutory administration (ordinary meetings, bookkeeping, end of year statements, tax filings).
  3. Extraordinary meetings as required.
  4. Facilitating the selling and buying of shares.


If, after a while of owning, you start feeling like your aircraft could fly more than what you use it yourself alone, we can help you get rental returns from your investment. Aeropole can do the following for you

  1. Vetting the user base according to your criteria.
  2. Providing the renters the necessary differences training to your aircraft and recurrent checks, as may be required.
  3. Manage the online reservation calendar as well as reservation requests by phone to Aeropole’s dispatcher.
  4. Provide the briefing, technical preparation and other facilities to renters for a smooth rental experience.
  5. Collect the payments from the individual renters to be further paid to your account once a month.
  6. Observe the accumulation of hours and report those, along with technical defects, to your CAMO — even automatically, if your CAMO has compatible electronic interfaces — in order to schedule maintenance

For this commerical service, we charge a small fixed monthly fee (ca. 100 EUR/mo) plus a percentage (10-25%) of the actual usage billing.


(points 1&2 one-time, points 3-4 on-going)

  1. Pre-purchase consulting on type/equipment/market.
  2. Pre-/post-purchase inspection of individual aircraft.
  3. Continuous airworthiness management and maintenance planning.
  4. Operational readiness oversight and services (incl. parking/hangar, Finavia relations, hand stock of consumables, etc.).

Purchasing your choice of aircraft

  1. Contract negotiations and transaction shaping to safely pay for the plane.
  2. De-registration from country of origin and re-registration (e.g. in Finland), representational arrangements if any.
  3. Signage (changing registration mark tapings/paintings).
  4. Insurances.
  5. Possible technical steps in getting a valid (export) CoA, ARC, permit to fly or other such documents as may be applicable.
  6. Ferrying the plane over to Finland by experienced instructor pilots — with you onboard if you wish, of course, and why not in controls!

The above assumes you already know what you want and have more or less made up your mind about the individual aircraft, too, but if not, don’t be too shy to ask for help — this is where you could end up saving a lot of money and saving yourself from a disappointment later on.

If you already own an aircraft, have you considered renting it out but are (of course) wary of your aircraft and aren’t quite sure of the tax implications? We also provide professional bookkeeping services (with online access to reports) for companies in the aviation business and otherwise. Get in touch!