Multi-Engine Piston (MEP)

The Multi-Engine Piston class rating is required, as the name implies, to pilot an aircraft that has more than one engine. The training focuses much on handling the aircraft in situations of asymmetric thrust, but also brings along the elements of a more complex aircraft with multiple other systems to handle, such as anti-/de-icing, oxygen systems or pressurisation, more complex electrical systems, advanced autopilot systems, etc., as these are to be found in larger and more performant aircraft.

At Aeropole we use the best available tools for MEP training: the Diamond DA42 aircraft with Garmin G1000 and the Diamond Simulation DA42 simulator.

The MEP class rating itself only requires six (6) hours of actual flight training on aircraft, which we complement with very efficient training on our DA42 simulator that is an exact copy of the flying thing. The course comprises also theory of multi-engine flying and of the DA42 aircraft, with all its systems, in particular.

If you already hold an IR rating for SEP aircraft, you can extend the privileges of your IR rating to the MEP class by an additional five (5) hours of multi-engine instrument flight training.

Prerequisites for the course are: PPL(A) or CPL(A) licence and 70 h of PIC experience on aeroplanes.

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