Price List

DA40All prices are inclusive of VAT 24% unless otherwise noted and are subject to change without prior notice. Payment in instalments on a pay-as-you-go basis (please contact us for details). Theoretical knowledge courses may be purchased in our Web Shop. You will get your online access immediately after payment. New prices effective from 10-Mar-2017. New addition: DA20-C1/G500 WEF 15-Jun-2017.

Professional and Advanced Pilot Training

Diamond Cadet – Frozen ATPL programme: from zero to pro, full package 119 800 €
IR: Instrument Rating: IR Theory+Flying (for holders of PPL or CPL)   29 150 €
CPL: Commercial Pilot Licence: CPL Theory+Flying (for PPL holders without IR)   17 900 €
MEP/IR: Multi-Engine Piston (land) with Instrument Privileges: MEP Class Rating + IR privileges, Theory+Flying (for SEP/IR holders)   14 620 €

Prices may vary slightly according to your previous experience, personal preference of aircraft and schedule.

Ask us for an offer that is tailored for you! Terms and conditions apply. Apply for the ATPL programme here.

Theory Modules

Distance-Learning Theory Modules

IR Theory (Web Shop)   3 590 €
CPL Theory (Web Shop)   3 790 €
ATPL Theory (covers IR, CPL and more) (Web Shop)   5 290 €

New: IR, CPL and ATPL Theory prices now additionally include a great iPad app for effective offline studying! (iPad device not included).

Other Theory Modules

MEP Theory  (Web Shop)  890 €
NF(A) Theory  (Web Shop)  285 €
Preparatory course for the language LP exam in aviation English  170 €

Practical Flying Modules

These practical flight modules do not include the respective theory modules, which are priced separately above.

IR – 50 h – option with emphasis on a/c use over synthetic 25 560 €
IR – max synthetic option (35 h FNPT II, 15 h a/c) 24 790 €
IR – 40 h (for CPL holders) – typical option 21 590 €
IR – your own a/c      ask €
IR – conversion from a FAA/ICAO licence      ask €
CPL – 25 h (no prior IR) 14 200 €
CPL – 15 h (for IR holders) 10 490 €
MEP VFR class rating – 6 h   7 920 €
MEP/IR – 5 h (for SEP/IR+MEP holders)   5 810 €

Private and Light Aircraft Pilot Training

PPL and LAPL courses require no prior flying experience.

PPL(A) Private Pilot Licence (full package, all-inclusive price*) 18 490 €
LAPL(A) Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (full package, all-inclusive price*) 13 490 €
Night flying rating NF(A)   2 990 €
PPL/LAPL Theory (Web Shop)   1 995 €
PPL: Practical flight training only 16 495 €
LAPL: Practical flight training only 11 495 €

* Does not include third-party costs such as Trafi exam fees, examiner’s fee or aeromedical examination fees.

The following practical flight modules are offered by our subsidiary Aeropole Denmark ApS, DK/ATO/011, and include the respective theoretical course:

EIR – 15 h (for PPL holders) – on a DA40-TDI in Aalborg, Denmark ca. 7 700 € (incl. Denmark VAT 25%)

Refresher Training and Other Instruction by the Hour

These hourly prices apply in non-ATO instruction (e.g. refresher instruction, such as type checkouts), when the client already has a valid rating for the type of flying in question and the instruction is not aiming towards a new rating or licence:

Basic (VFR day) instruction per instructor hour 59.90 €/h
IFR and night instruction per instructor hour 72.40 €/h
MEP instruction per instructor hour 83.40 €/h


Renewal of Expired Ratings, Conversions of non-EASA Licences/Ratings

For writing up an individual training programme (e.g. for renewal of an expired rating, conversion from a non-EASA licence), we charge the above hourly rates with a minimum charge of two (2) hours. We will apply the unit prices of the respective approved course to all ATO instruction for all training started 15.9.2015 onwards. Such unit prices are confirmed for both instruction and aircraft rental upon the beginning of the training, i.e. along with the individual training programme.

Aircraft Rental 

Aircraft rental prices are given here without instructor charge. We have no joining or yearly membership fees! A fixed 8-minute taxi time will be added to air time in hourly rental.

Diamond DA20-C1/traditional instruments 210 €/h
Diamond DA20-C1/G500 234 €/h
Diamond DA40NG (G1000, GFC700, Stormscope) 282 €/h
Diamond DA42-TDI (G1000, KAP140, Stormscope, FIKI) 690 €/h
Diamond DA40-180 (G1000, KAP140) 195 €/h**
Simulator Diamond DA42 (G1000) (Web Shop) 174 €/h


** Only available in Santiago, Spain (LEST)

Bonus for Advance Payments in Aircraft Rental (Block Discounts)

Should you wish to buy aircraft rental hours in bulk in advance, you can do so by paying any amount in excess of 2’000 EUR onto our bank account, against which you will get a bonus credit onto your client account! The credit on your client account can be used for paying flights with any of our aircraft—so instead of buying hours in bulk to a specific aircraft, the deposits and bonus are usable on our whole fleet.

Payments are non-refundable and the credit on the account needs to be used within three (3) years of the respective deposit. The amount of bonus varies as follows, for payments of at least the euro amount given below, and is only accorded for bank transfers or online payments (not for credit card payments):

  •   2’000 EUR: 3%
  •   5’000 EUR: 4%
  • 10’000 EUR: 5%.


Courses will be tailored to your needs and background. Prices will vary depending on previous licences held and exact contents of the course, so contact us now for an offer! Third-party  fees are given without warranty and Aeropole cannot be held liable for their correctness or for changes therein.

If your training is not subject to a signed training agreement, such as would be the norm for complete courses, then Aeropole’s General Conditions of Bookings and Sales will apply both to aircraft rental and charging of instructor time.

An administrative surcharge of 15 eur will be added to

  • invoices in cases where the ordering party desires a change in billed party, billing address or other such information after the invoice has already been issued.
  • Trafi and any other third-party invoices (e.g. FE’s charge for the skill test) that are cycled via Aeropole for any reason — as a rule, they should not be handled by Aeropole! The administrative surcharge is charged by Aeropole for each such invoice. So please, take care of your own payments to third parties whenever you can, without involving Aeropole in it.

Note on FNPT II rental: Please note that you will need an instructor, as an approved human operator is required.