ATPL Theory Brush-Ups

Note: this is not a full, approved ATPL theory course, but a brush-up course for those wanting to pass the ATPL exams (or CPL or IR exams) after already having received the training or having read the course materials to a level where they just need “a little bit of extra push”. I.e. this course offering “à la carte” is for you, who

  • have enrolled on an approved course in another institution, but want to make sure you also pass the exams; or
  • have a non-EASA licence or rating based on which you are seeking conversion, but need to pass the ATPL/CPL/IR exams in an EASA country; or
  • know you want to enroll on an approved course later and want to have a head start in goal-oriented studying
  • just want to find out what the required level of knowledge is and whether you’d then be interested in taking the full ATPL Theory course.

Unless otherwise instructed, do register at minimum 5 working days in advance (required for facilities planning); price can be as low as 235 EUR (incl. VAT 24%) per day, which is the smallest billing unit, depending on the number of attendeed. Just pick the subjects you’re interested in or have difficulties with, and come attend the ground school on those days only.

The instructors are renowned experts in their respective fields.

If you are interested, please contact us.