Revalidations and Renewals

Has your piston rating expired? Has your license been gathering dust in the drawer or are you tired of flying the line on autopilot and want to fly piston again? Or do you just need your annual instrument check? If your rating has expired or needs revalidation, we will arrange the plane, examiner and any refresher training you might need to confidently fly your check ride. 

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Want to fly piston again?

Get back in the controls of those lovely little birds! We will tailor your training to refresh your skills and make you feel confident at the controls again before we arrange your check ride. Our professional instructors will bring you up to date on the newest technology and procedures. Contact us now to put the fun back in your flying!

  • Instrument Rating check rides

If you want to do your instrument proficiency check (multi- or single-engine) on our Diamond aircraft, contact us and we will arrange both the plane and examiner and—if, in your own opinion, you need it—some refresher training (aircraft familiarisation, IR, glass cockpit or whatever else you need) for you.

See also SE piston revalidations.

Ps. to quicker communicate your needs, consider using the JAR/EASA terminology: revalidation to extend the validity of a currently effective rating; renewal to regain the rights of an already expired rating. Or just ask us for refresher training to dust off the rust, whether or not your aim was to renew or revalidate!