IFR Refresher

Do you feel you need some recent IFR practice? Or are you a new IR holder or have not flown much in real clouds or IMC? Get that necessary experience in a safe learning environment! Single-pilot IFR in actual IMC on a low-performance aircraft is one of the hardest endeavors a pilot engages in—just ask professional pilots who are used to flying approaches as a crew and with full deicing equipment.

Perplexed by the new RNAV approaches? According to the new EASA rules, you’ll need an instructor’s endorsement to fly RNAV/GNSS approaches. The practical training entails at minimum flying two such approaches with one missed approach.

We can provide you with exactly the kind of experience that most benefits you in building up your real-world IFR flying and decision-making skills: after an initial assessment of your proficiency, you choose the level you want to accomplish and the number of hours you want to fly in real IMC. We’ll set up a plan together and don’t worry, we won’t just go flying on a sunny day with a view-limiting device, but instead will wait for the suitably cloudy and rainy day, or learn tactics on how to avoid any icing conditions in the cooler months of the year. You’ll learn resource management techniques—developed from the airline CRM—for managing all available resources prior to and during the flight as a single pilot under pressure.

If you are planning to transition to the cost-effective multi-engine DA42 after Senecas/Duchesses or the like, then taking a lesson or two on a DA40/G1000 in IFR might be just what you need before stepping up to the very similar, but more costly DA42 cockpit!

Prerequisite: minimum PPL(A) with the SEP/IR or MEP/IR rating.

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