Aircraft Familiarisation Training

If you want to learn more about how to operate an aircraft type or variant or need differences training to operate different aircraft equipment, we can tailor training to suit your needs.

European aviation regulations require pilots to undergo training before acting as pilot in command of aircraft that have features such as a glass cockpit (EFIS), variable pitch (constant-speed) propeller (VP), turbocharging (T) or a retractable undercarriage (RU), to name a few. After you receiving the training, your Aeropole instructor will sign the endorsement in your logbook.

The actual time on aircraft required is highly dependent on the your prior experience, but usually falls between 1-3 hours of flying. A reasonable amount of self-study followed by thorough ground briefings is the best way to ensure efficient learning in minimum time on the aircraft. We can train you on your aircraft or use one of ours, for example the DA40-180 (VP, EFIS) or TB21 (VP, T and RU).

For aircraft with advanced avionics (EFIS), see our Glass Cockpit Transition course.

We can naturally combine your training for all the endorsements you need and are happy to provide the aircraft. Contact us for a personalised plan and quote.