Glass Cockpit Transition

We are specialists in EFIS and Garmin G1000 training. The training is adapted to each customer’s individual needs and usually comprises the ground and flight components. The overall duration varies between a few hours and a couple of days¬† and involves 1-5 hours on the aircraft depending on your previous experience and the level of proficiency you seek.

The course includes:

  1. Ground training on G1000 functionality (classroom or one-on-one)
  2. One-on-one Desktop Simulator and/or FNPT II training
  3. Training on aircraft first in VFR and then, if desired, in IFR.

We usually use the Diamond Star DA40NG with G1000 for this purpose (check out our fleet here), but the training can also be completed on your own aircraft.

Naturally we’ll first make sure on the ground, that you are up to speed on the EFIS, so that the learning objectives will be met in the flying training. This way you get the full benefit of your hours on the aircraft. On the ground we use a desktop trainer at Helsinki-Malmi, or if you want the closest to the real thing, come to Helsinki-Vantaa to try our simulator (FNPT II, Diamond Simulation DA42), which is built into a real cockpit and has the real G1000 screens — those are no simulator devices.

See the course schedule for the next classroom lectures or contact us now to schedule private training at your convenience! See our price list here.