SEP Revalidations (Extensions)

Is your single-engine piston rating expiring?

Check the expiry date next to your single-engine piston (SEP, SE piston) class rating. If you have the required 11 h of flight logged over the 12 months prior to your rating expiring, then extending it by another 24 months (ie. revalidating it) is a simple matter of flying a one-hour school flight with our instructor. (This can be done up to 12 months prior to the expiry date as soon as you have the required 11 h.)

But instead of making yet another standard school ride with no other objective than proving your existing skills, why not benefit from the occasion and learn something new? This is your ideal opportunity to get familiar with a new aircraft type, get an introduction to the glass cockpit, or make a short trip abroad if you are not at ease with that idea. Or just practice your radio English in a familiar setting.

After all, it is a training flight, ideally with a strong emphasis on learning (while still demonstrating the basic skills as required) and for once you are free to set the objectives (almost) exactly as you wish!

Contact us as before the expiry of your class rating to arrange for the training flight. See our price list here.